March 31, 2012

Embedded journals (bookmark)

I needed once a circular buffer and i found this particular journal which has been out since 1997. Author responsible for this journal is Jack Ganssle and he's also own section on
The Embedded Muse

I came across dozen of articles which referred to journal : C/C++ Journal. I found this archive, not completed though.
C/C++ Journal (1990-2006)

Last one today, which is newest from this post, embedded gurus.
Embedded Gurus

Check them out ! If you know any other, share them so I can add them here!

Great C/C++ articles from (bookmark)

This deserves a separate post. Here's some C/C++ embedded tutorials from Dan Saks which i really enjoy reading and always get back to them when I have a spare time. I include a link for all articles which he has published on the - Programming Pointers - Dan Saks

Beginner's corner (collection of articles) short list but worth reading: - Beginner's Corner

First post

Welcome everyone,

this blog is going to contain mostly links and it serves as a resource of informations which I found quite useful and want to share with the world.
Main topics of this blog are C/C++, embedded development (RTOS, compilers, linkers) and architectures like ARM. I hope it will grow to many more !

Let's start!