July 21, 2013

Writing solid code by Steve Maguire (book review)

The writing solid code was published years a ago (1993), from Microsoft. The published date makes it outdated. Thus I was skeptical, but the price of the book made my decision.

The hungarian notation is highlighted and used in code samples, not my cup fortunately. Event though I use alike notation in one project which is there as legacy. There are examples from real development, I always enjoy reading those.

One, the most important note I will keep in my head from this book is : Always ask yourself "How could I prevent this bug.".

What book provides
Use prototypes, assert to catch illegal parameters or impossible conditions, debugging version and stepping through code, interface hard to misuse, code examples plus with questions (answers at the end of the book)
My rating
2.5 out of 5

July 20, 2013

My git cheating sheet

I'll share here my personal git cheating sheet. Commands are accompanied with small description above them. I'll update this once in a while.

July 10, 2013

Makefile for mbed with GCC on KL25

I pushed a Makefile for KL25Z mbed with ARM GCC to my github Makefile [https://github.com/0xc0170].

I intended to use only eclipse with all those available options. It turned out it was time-consuming to set everything correctly, therefore I wrote this makefile which made everything easier. Small modification should allow you to use it on different targets. I have seen gcc4mbed but that was too much files for my taste. The makefile follows the directory structure which is at the moment. It has changed recently and will be different I believe soon again.

Files which are used are not yet a part of mbed, I am still facing a problem with binary created. It just locks KL25Z and does not run. I'll prepare an article how to debug KL25Z in eclipse with mbed.