October 20, 2013

mbed GCC makefile v2.0 (update)

I updated my makefile for mbed. What does it bring new?

Not only defined for KL25Z as it was by default. I added a Platforms file where are all platforms I found supported in the mbed sources. All you need to do, choose your board.

Supported platforms:
  • KL05Z
  • KL25Z
  • KL46Z
  • LPC1768
  • LPC11U24
  • LPC11U24_301
  • LPC1347
  • LPC1114
  • LPC11C24
  • LPC11U35_401
  • STM32F407 
Link: mbed ARM GCC Makefile [github.com/0xc0170]

October 9, 2013

cc3000 driver on mbed (news)

As I wrote previously, we have been working on cc3000 driver which was released yesterday on mbed. It was about the time, I started to port C code to C++ back in August. I did not anticipate the chip is so complex.

Here's link to the cookbook cc3000 cookbook [http://mbed.org/cookbook]

I also published 11 examples ready to be used for any mbed platform available on mbed (2 boards have predefined init function, the others need to be added based on user's configuration). Mbed Socket interface is part of cc3000 driver which enables to use many ethernet libraries. To mention some HTTPclient, Twitter, Websockets.

I had so much fun with it, the most excited I was when tweet from my Wi-Go was published. Not to mention that this driver was also mentioned on adafruit blog : cc3000 for mbed [http://www.adafruit.com/blog/]
I hope that driver will help many people with IoT & mbed !

Does anybody need any tutorials about cc3000? How smartconfig works (and picture step-by-step guide for the Simple socket demo) ?
Or what about any missing demo for cc3000? Leave a comment.

October 5, 2013

mbed makefile for the freedom platform (update)

Those who use my makefile for freedom boards on mbed (KL25Z at the moment), please update if you want to have more flash available for your application.

Current makefile version is 1.2. 
Link: KL25Z makefile [https://github.com/0xc0170]

It was set previously that floating printf/scanf were included. I decided to comment that linker option out. The text size of mbed hello world which I used in the tutorials, went down from 26kB to 2.7kB.

For other freedom boards, you can use this makefile. I have been using it for KL46 (only to rename KL25Z to KL46Z), run without any problems.

I will add support of GCC for KL05Z soon.

October 4, 2013

More regular updates on Twitter

If you follow this blog and you actually find information here valuable, you might find also useful my twitter account where I twitt about my free-time activities which include mbed, the freedom platform, also any other activities.

Here's the link : https://twitter.com/0xc0170