December 31, 2012

Arithmetic encoding (bookmark)

Based on the previous post, I can't stop until I implement my own arithmetic coding. The worse is I don't have my laptop with me, therefore I only have read articles and tried encoding/decoding on the paper. Which is slightly harder if numbers used are fixed point and want to imitate how C program should work. These 3 pages helped me most to understand the problem.

Arithmetic Code []
Basic arithmetic coding []
Arithmetic coding how to [pdf] []

December 26, 2012

Sort 1 milion of 8 digit numbers in 1M RAM (bookmark)

This one caught my attention yesterday, I will share a blog where it's written a solution and an explanation. There's more to read on that blog.

The question seemed to be asked during the interview, one of those which give you no peace until you find a possible approach.

Sort 1 million of 8 digits in 1MB RAM []

December 25, 2012

Books review (C and C++)

I was reading one post about which book you should not buy and realized I have not shared any websites which ultimately can narrow down the search. I normally check some blogs with reviews, accu webpage and amazon rating and google book preview before I purchase a book.

Books review []
More than 1800 reviews. I would start with this one.

A few tips for choosing C and C++ books []
Hints for choosing proper book. Links are at the bottom of the page where is list of bad C/C++ books.

I even tried to read some on my kindle but I prefer paper books for this type of reading. More posts about books should arrive.

December 23, 2012

Memory leaks in C

Dangling pointer/ memory leaks topic this time. I would like to dedicate to this topic more time, it might more to come.

Memory leaks []
This article is about dangling pointers and memory leaks in C language.

Simple rules to avoid memory leaks in C []
5 rules to avoid memory leaks.

Binary numbers

This post differs a bit. I'll post website about binary numbers, arithmetic and also programming related. Articles are mainly focused on binary numbers - integer and floating conversion as an example.

Exploring binary []

December 22, 2012

Casting in C

I found explained simply The casting in C language with some examples.

Casting []

December 14, 2012

Debugging make files

There are moments when makefile is not working as expected. I had to develop test suites for new platform and decided to update entire test system which was not probably best idea I had that day :-) It stopped working and I only got one line on the terminal. This article was something I was looking for and I was able to find out the line which cause the trouble.

Debuggin make files []

CooCox API

I have been spending my leasure time with CooCox library. They provide CoIDE, CoFlash and Cox library. CoIDE is simple and fast to set up, possible to use J-link, OpenSDA and many more. I was worried in the beginning because of eclipse and some experience with other IDE which I was not fond of :) It turned out great, eventhough it is still under development.
The source code is on GitHub and forum is alive.

CooCox supports Cortex M0 and Cortex M3 so far. Next step is to try their CoOS, but that has to wait a bit. Still many areas to explore in their interface.

CooCox website []

December 10, 2012

Cortex M3 and M4 fault exception

There was one request to explain memory dump which is printed in unexpected ISR. There's published application note from KEIL about how to "decode" memory dump and find out which was last active function and more..

Using cortex m3 and m4 fault exceptions []

Anyway, great resource to this particular situation is Definite Guide book for Cortex M0 or M3. THat one explained it well.