February 22, 2014

FRDM KL05Z is mbed enabled (news)

The FRDM-KL05Z board was my first target added to mbed. I would even say that was my initial experience with mbed sources. That was back in June 2013. It was added to mbed.org yesterday. This became 3rd Freescale board available on mbed.

FRDM-KL05Z [mbed.org/platforms]

It supports export to ARM GCC, uVision and CoIDE.

Paul Staron shared an info about low power modes and his power measurements. Not possible to carry out on FRDM board though. Here's a link for more information FRDM-KL05Z sleep modes and RTC [mbed.org/forum]

February 17, 2014

CoIDE export is available for KL25Z on mbed (news)

My latest article was how to use CoIDE with C++. I added exporters for CoIDE to mbed. I was able to make it work for KL25Z, KL05Z (not yet online on mbed.org site, will be soon). LCP1768 is functional but not through CMSIS-DAP, due to a problem which was reported to CoIDE team a while ago.

The exporter is online in the mbed compiler, see picture below.

Enjoy using CooCox CoIDE with KL25Z and mbed! If there are any problems, please report them on the mbed site, or just here in comments.