November 26, 2012

ARM developing with open source tools

Hello all,

my intention was to play with free available tools. I have started with CooCox 1.6.0 and Freedom Board KL25. I've had some problems with examples pregenerated, but they work and IDE works smoothly, quickly. So far not any problem except memory view, but I will figure it out somehow.
I'll post here some links about the development for free on ARM :-)

There is plug-in called Eclipse CDT Manged Build Extension for GNU ARM Toolchains like CodeSourcery G++ Lite, GNUARM, WinARM, Yagarto, devkitPro, Summon.

Free ARM CooCox IDE []
Developing with Sourcery CodeBench []
I am going to test Sourcery as second. I have to touch more peripherals in CooIDE first. []
Not only IDE to use, just command line and linux is simply enough. Here's tutorial with prerequisities and steps