March 30, 2013

auto_ptr , unique_ptr C++

I implemented kind of factory to create objects which were already alocated by one library. A user can just ask for object and the factory returns it. Firstly, it has normal pointer which leads to resource leaks. I tried to include memory header and small test application it in KEIL. It worked, the pointer gets deleted after it leaves it's scope. Thus I rewrote "factory" to return auto_ptr. Unique_ptr is not available in KEIL v4.60 (not tested in IAR yet).

I am glad I bought Effective C++ from Scott Mayer. Many ITEMS in the book make me think why I did not think of that before. I appreciate having more books like that one.

unique_ptr C++ []
The site provides a comparision between auto_ptr and unique_ptr with code examples.