March 17, 2013

Effective C++ in an embedded environment (book review)

There's only a preview of this presentation created by Scott Mayer, first 30 pages are accessible online.

The beginning is targeted to the virtual functions (virtual tables and their pointers). Virtual methods, multiply inheritance. Follows C++ features comparison with C with no-cast, small-cost and what can surprise C programmer if they are not aware of "small" details. More topics discussed in the book are C callbacks, code bloat (templates, inlining), TR1 and Modeling Memory-Mapped IO.

Almost at the end is Further information chapter where is quite long list of articles (links, books..) used for each topic in the book. That serves as references if something is still not clear.

Consequently, the book (more of a presentation than a book) gave me some insights in C++ which I did not consider before. As an example, I am currently implementing C++ application for one C library which generates callbacks. The section dedicated to the callbacks helped me a lot.

Effective C++ in an embedded environment []