June 15, 2013

Kinetis L header files

I needed CMSIS header file for the Freedom board FRDM-KL05Z. I have spent at least half hour searching. Once I found it, I would like to share where you can find other headers. If you know any place where are all those cmsis headers available, leave a comment.
I started with KEIL webpage, there are published many header files for kinetis K or kinetis L. But no luck with KL05. Therefore I kept digging, until I found it in the sample code for KL25 (really? KL25 demo code contains other MCU header files).

Kinetis L Sample Code (KL25) [www.freescale.com]
This package is in the revision 6 at the moment. It contains the following CMSIS header files
  • MKL04
  • MKL05
  • MKL14
  • MKL15
  • MKL24
  • MKL25

CMSIS KL26 header file [www.keil.com]
There are more headers, just filter a search on google.

Once I find all possible CMSIS headers for Kinetis L, I'll publish them on github.