June 25, 2013

MBED and other freedom boards

This is just a small update about my activity lately. I have been busy with mbed and porting new target into it. I decided to port at least one more freedom board. First choice was a board FRDM-KL05Z.

I started few days ago, the learning curve is quite fast in the beginning. I'll try to summarize my findings here in another post. The process is still ongoing, because I am not certain if I ported everything correctly, therefore I have to run all tests which are available in mbed to be certain that the target it's ready to be published.

Does any of you want any other freedom board to be part of mbed? Or do you have any problems with freedom boards? It's quite astonishing platform, but still seems to be fresh new, not much projects have been on the internet, or at least I have not searched thoroughly :-)