September 20, 2013

mbed and cc3000 (wifi)

I share with you that we are currently working on new cc3000 driver directly aimed to be used with mbed and libraries shared there.

There are already at least 2 repositories which contain a host driver ported to mbed (written in C, mainly). Thus I began to write a new C++ interface, with a goal to be easier to use for mbed community. The host driver was ported a while ago, tested with 2 examples which were tested at least on 2 mbed platforms (I am using KL25Z - Wi-Go board). I decided to write more applications , while searching, I discovered the mbed socket interface. This is a priority at the moment, will enable users to use many libraries which are written using that interface.

I am not able to anticipate the release date at the moment. There's a lot of work still to do. Anybody out there interested ?

Want to join the development? Find me on, send me a direct message there with your email. I'll share more details if requested.