September 29, 2013

mbed freedom KL46Z (update - testing phase)

I created a branch from mbed master, which contains KL46Z GCC ARM support.
KL46Z is similar to KL25Z. Be aware of their differences. KL46Z is bigger brother of KL25Z, it has on top of KL25Z features - I2S and LCD module. The memory footprint is also bigger (256mb flash, 32kb ram).

I officially started testing today, I made GCC running with my makefile few days ago. This time I took a look at MUX options in HAL layer and interrupts. Of course, there were problems I had to face.

I added KEIL (in mbed is named ARM). I met again with BKTP instruction in KEIL (heap was set to 0, as the last time), clock configuration was set to a wrong value. Consequently, timer's clock were not activated - no Ticker interrupt.

All this updates are currently on my branch, will be available soon.