January 6, 2014

CMSIS-DAP bootloader for K20 interface (news)

The freedom platform and some tower boards contain openSDA circuit. OpenSDA is managed by Freescale Kinetis K20 MCU (Cortex -M4).

It is claimed to be open-standard serial and debug adapter. It's not by "all" means, because the P&E bootloader can't be reprogrammed, as the chip is locked. Thus CMSIS-DAP interface was used on top of P&E bootloader.

CMSIS-DAP is the interface firmware which connects the Debug Port to USB. It consists of a debug unit and a device, both are usually assembled on a single board.

I was porting bootloader for K20 the last 3 days. As result, I sent yesterday a pull request to CMSIS-DAP repository (consider it's the first initial version as it's not yet on master branch), which means that the circuit openSDA (K20) will have full CMSIS-DAP support.
The link to my pull request Pull request #14 for CMSIS-DAP [github.com/mbedmicro/CMSIS-DAP]

You can freely design your boards which could use CMSIS-DAP (bootloader + interface). I will describe CMSIS-DAP more in the following days.